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Ask our Staff

Ask our Staff is a collection of blog posts based on questions that we periodically ask the Dark Shadow Ghost Tours staff in relation to paranormal investigations and ghost hunting theories. We post these responses so that you, our guests, can gain an insight into the personalities and knowledge of our staff members.

The Relative Time to Object Theory (Trigger Objects)
August 12th, 2014 09:48 AM
The Relative Time to Object Theory is also sometimes known as the "Singapore Theory" (though how that name came to be assigned to this theory we are not aware).

In the Relative Time to Object Theory many investigators claim that paranormal activity will increase when an object, such as old furniture, clothing, toys, music etc. from that time period is brought into a location that used to have these objects during that specific time period. When the object is brought into the ...location the ghost that supposedly haunts the location will interact more, because the ghost can relate to the specific object.

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The Ghosts of Sprucevale
July 14th, 2014 01:55 AM

Located in a portion of Beaver Creek State park is a ghost town called Sprucevale. Sprucevale was a small trading town that sprung up during the construction of the Sandy and Beaver Canal. After some serious flooding of the canal and its eventual closing, the town basically dried up and ceased to exist. Although there is still some physical remnants of the town (and canal), there are other non-worldly things that still existing in this area.

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Renovation Theory
February 16th, 2014 12:08 PM
We recently polled our staff members on the concept of the paranormal related "Renovation Theory".
The Renovation Theory states that when renovations are made in a home or business that paranormal activity will start to pick up. It is said that the activity starts to pick up because the ghost is supposedly disturbed, by all of the changes being made to the home. If the ghost is a person that had died in the home and does not know they are dead they may still remain in the home because it’s something that is familiar to them. When the renovations start to occur you are changing something that the ghost is familiar with and you are disturbing the ghost.

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